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If you have not stayed in the Skye and Lochalsh area before, there are a couple of places we would highly recommend visiting going by our recent experiences. The first is a small, picturesque village called Glenelg where we stayed in a rented house with family during the summer.


Glenelg Bay

This is a wonderful location to visit and even the journey to and from the area is one to remember, either going over the Mam Ratagan Pass at a height of 1100ft (road branches off the A87 at Shiel Bridge) or taking the ferry to or from Kylerhea on Skye. This had previously been the main gateway to Skye until 1819 and can be used as an alternative route for those romantics who still wish to travel “over the sea to Skye”. The old turntable ferry is a visitor attraction in itself.

Bustling ferry terminal at Glenelg

Other places of interest in the Glenelg area include Sandaig, the retreat of author Gavin Maxwell who wrote the classic Ring of Bright Water. The small islands at Sandaig are worth visiting on their own but be prepared for a good 30mins- 1hour walk to get there. Glenelg also plays host to the remains of two of the best-preserved brochs (Iron Age lodgings) on mainland Scotland. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the fabulous Glenelg Inn, a favourite haunt of ours during our stay in the area when we felt like treating ourselves (which was most nights).

Sandaig islands