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Our third visit to the beach at An Corran, Staffin finally paid dividends. On the verge of going home disappointed again, we were fortunate to witness a local girl show her two young companions the dinosaur footprints embedded in the flat rock. Trying to maintain a level of coolness, we casually meandered towards the imprints, pretending we knew where they were all along. In hindsight, perhaps the girl felt sorry for us staring blankly at the rocks for what must have been an eternity, and gave us a helpful hand.

One-legged Ornithopod footprint

Anyway, the footprints found in this area belong to a family of dinosaurs called the Ornithopods that walked across the sand some 165 million years ago. The Ornithopods along with the more well-known dinosaurs such as the Stegosaurus and the Megalosaurus, all once roamed this area of the world. In fact, Skye is often described as the ‘dinosaur isle’ (and here we thought this was an endearing term for the number of retirees living on the island). If you are interested in fossils, dinosaur footprints etc. you should pay a visit to the Staffin Museum at Ellishadder which displays a large number of local finds.