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Over recent years, Skye has gained the rightful reputation of being one of the “must see” locations in Scotland. Visitors flock to the island to experience the dramatic scenery and diverse wildlife the island has to offer.

There are also a growing number of visitors who come to the island for a different reason. They may also enjoy the unique landscapes, the numerous arts and craft venues and dinosaur trails, but the main purpose of their visit is something quite different, romance.

The island has a rich history in romanticism, from the heroism of Flora MacDonald to the tales of the Fairy Flag housed at Dunvegan Castle. There is an intangible serenity in the air which resonates through the landscapes, music and culture of the island and some of our guests have been drawn to the island for this reason.

In August this year, a lovely young couple from Minneapolis stayed with us. Alice and Andrew decided they wanted to renew their wedding vows in the country where Alice’s ancestors originated and where better for them to make this pledge of commitment, than the Isle of Skye.

The weather may not have been perfect but there is something quite magical about this photo they sent us. We wish Alice and Andrew many years of health and happiness, now that the fairies have given their blessing.