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We were lucky to experience the aurora borealis on Thursday 27th February for the first time. It has been a dream of mine for many years to see it and, wow, it didn’t disappoint. On the basis of a rumour, Charlie (our puppy) and I headed a few miles along the road to gain a good vantage point of the northern horizon. In hindsight, we needn’t have bothered, as the sky was lit up in every direction.  I could hear myself inadvertently making a cacophony of shrieks and cries (and for those of you who know me this takes some doing) as the sky continually changed colour with intermittent pulses of light. My only regret being that I didn’t have my tripod with me and had to balance the camera on the car roof and with an exited pup in the car, it wasn’t conducive to producing sharp photographs at long exposure times. Fingers crossed we don’t have to wait another 11 years for the solar cycle to produce another display like this.